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We Provide Services For:


  • Crumbling foundation replacement for homeowners in Connecticut to correct the various problems with foundations caused by pyrrhotite in the original foundation  including structural damage, sinking  foundations, falling chimneys and cracks on the interior walls or exterior masonry. We provide the necessary equipment and expertise to create a solution that will preserve the structure of your home and prevent further damage

  • A qualified vendor as listed by the Capital Region Council of Governments at

  • Homes built in the 1980s in CT and MA have foundations that were installed that contained pyrrhotite in the concrete causing your foundation to slowly fail over the years and now needing to be completely replaced. Substantial cracks can affect the stability of your whole house. We offer a free estimate and inspection for foundation replacement/repair. Call today to schedule an appointment to evaluate your foundation to assess the damage and create a solution for your foundation.  For  more information

  • New commercial and residential construction

  • Natural and cultured stone

  • Commercial renovation interior and exterior

  • New residential homes

  • Custom fireplaces and chimneys

  • Installation of structural steel lintels

CT License 0641702, fully insured. 

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